Vinyl Siding - The most popular siding choice

One can’t help but be drawn by the attention being afforded to vinyl siding. The call to action is very enticing. The prospect of not having to worry about future repainting and repair is one valid justification for homeowners to seriously consider installing vinyl siding. Unlike cedar and wood, which can significantly deteriorate over time, vinyl siding material will not flake nor rot. It is no exaggeration if when we say that it is the most popular siding product in the US today.

In a recent market study that was conducted, vinyl siding came out as the preferred siding material by 2 out of 3 home builders in the exterior of their home construction projects. The major criteria for the ratings were versatility, affordability and durability. This site gives a good overview of the average cost to install vinyl siding.

Vinyl-based siding is made polyvinyl chloride. This core material is what gives its flexibility and lightweight characteristics. Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors and designs and its lightweight and flexible nature allows vinyl to be installed with relative ease.

Vinyl siding runs a fighting second to stone and brick siding when it comes to toughness. It is blended with PVC resins which give it a tough surface finish. This finish makes it is resistant to blemishes and scratches. The paint that gives the siding its color, penetrates the innermost layers of the siding material, ensuring that it does not prematurely fade over time. Vinyl siding is a product that remains looking fresh and new for years with very little or no maintenance. Lightly power washing a home’s vinyl siding every 3-5 years is all most homes need to keep the siding clean and looking its best.

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