Some Hard Facts about Concrete Siding

Concrete siding is one of the most versatile and durable siding materials in the world of siding today. It is used in residential and commercial properties throughout the USA. Extremely sturdy under harsh weather conditions, repair is needed only in very rare instances.

One of the major justifications in using concrete siding is its proven durability under extreme conditions. Concrete siding is superior to its wooden counterpart in this respect. Wood siding can sustain damage and considerably deteriorate over time. Concrete siding is far more durable and is also fire resistant.

Homeowners can even enjoy the look of an authentic log cabin in their home by opting to install concrete log siding. With technological advancements in recent years concrete siding is now made to closely resemble real log siding and does a good job at it! The log design of concrete siding is achieved by pouring cement into molds that resemble the configuration of half logs. These “logs” are painted and made available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Homeowners can opt to have this concrete siding installed in their wall system if they are intending to use it as the underlying substrate for another type of siding product in the interior of the home. This siding product is composed of specially mixed Portland cement and offers a wide variety of applications for the homebuilder. Be sure to ask your siding contractors what types of products they recommend and possible applications in your home.

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